Baguio Tour during December Part 1

Day 1

On our first day we had decided to go SM Baguio, because it was the nearest place to go. And we have already arrive in Baguio in the afternoon so we decided to go SM Baguio to kill some time.

And in the Evening we have gone to the Baguio Country Club Christmas Village the Entrance Fee was P100/pax

Day 2

And early in the morning we had planned on going to Mt. Cabuyao there is a jeep going there for P25 or taxi for P500


After the sight seeing we decided to eat here at “Cafe in the sky” very well known in this area. The food was nicely served and delicious. They have a very nice view in their view deck

After that we went down back to Baguio City and go to Mines View Park but we have a little sidetrip in Good Shepherd where we visited the famous Strawberry and Ube Jam of Baguio City.

After that we go down a little to the Wright Park and The Mansion.

After that long tour around the park and mansion, we have gone to the Ketchup Food Community where delectable dishes are served and there are plenty of restaurant to choose from. But we choose pizza volante because where pizza lovers haha!

And After we ate our lunch which we saw a cute St. Bernard


After that we go down again where we visit the Botanical Garden it is very popular for it’s flowering plants and also it’s themed parks/places

And next is the Laperal White House which is very near to the Botanical Garden. It was a strange feeling inside the house. And they have also some arts below the house.



After that we had gone to the Town and visited the Burnham Park lucky for us that the fountains are working when we visited

And we had visited also the place where herbal, fruit and flower bearing plants are being sold.


After that we walked to Session Road and turn right to Asumption Road and visited the Likha Artist Village

Here’s a link for Baguio Tour Part 2


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